Meet Minnie Pearl

Minnie Pearl

I must have a soft spot for dogs with people phobia.

I met Minnie in August 2007. I was looking to adopt a dog to keep BabyGrrrl company since we just moved into our own place and she was alone all day. Dogs are social animals and I thought it was cruel to have her be alone.
BabyGrrrl and I visited several shelters and met several dogs, but there was not “click” on either of our parts. When searching to add a member to you family, I believe that there has to be chemistry.
Then I met a guy who was in the military and was about to be relocated to Florida. He couldn’t take Minnie with him and was looking for someone to adopt her. BabyGrrrl met Minnie and was so not having it. I, on the other hand, felt a connection. Minnie’s dad told me that she is fearful of strangers, including people who frequently visit his home. She was playful with other dogs and very loving to those she trusts. She is also a bit of a clutz as she bumps into walls if she’s not paying attention or turns her face to fast.
We did a few visits to their home and did a test weekend where Minnie stayed with us. It was an adjustment period for everyone, but overall was good. After talking with my trainer,and Minnie’s dad, I decided that Minnie was a match.
So far Minnie is still fearful of strangers but she has warmed up quickly to my family. After a good day with them over the holidays she was comfortable with everyone and has continued to do so.
She needs a lot of work learning to walk on a leash. She pulls and is SO SCARED being out in public. It’s too much for her and she shakes like a leaf.
At home she is great, funny, playful, and oh so cuddly.
We just started her basic obedience class so I will be posting her progress here.

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