Today’s Walk


I managed to get up early and take the pooches for a morning walk. BabyGrrrl walks really well on a harness so walking with her is not a problem. Minnie on the other hand is ALL OVER THE PLACE! She pulls and zig-zags, then hides behind me when she sees people. It borders on dangerous. 

But this morning was better. I am using a gentle leader on her and it works much better than the harness or leash. This prevents her from pulling ahead and keeps her from zig-zagging all over the place. Walking both dogs at the same time was once unbelievable, so I was VERY happy.
Minnie has come out of her shell just a bit. It started with long days at the family home over the recent holidays and attending her obedience class once a week. I love seeing her progress.
As for the walk itself – it was ONLY 20 minutes! It felt so much longer! If I’m gonna walk the dogs to get my cardio in, I’m gonna have to walk a helluva lot more that that! 

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