European escape!


I am almost done picking up the last few things for my trip. I’ll be gone for over 3 weeks and I’m trying to take as little as possible.

I had a hard time trying to find comfortable shoes that are cruelty free and cute. I found one pair, that cost very little. Then I realized that I should probably retire my combat boots in Europe. My absolute favorite pair of boots are my black Bongo combat boots that lace up in the front and zip on the sides. They are on their last miles.
BabyGrrrl still doesn’t let Minnie play or have a good time. I saw her trying to bully Minnie as she tried to walk towards me and I realized that BabyGrrrl is like a bossy know it all spoiled brat older sister. Trying to be the parent when it’s none of her business.
Goodness gracious.

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