I have been one busy person lately. I’m working quite a bit and am back in school. I’m also trying to put my health in front as a priority. This means I’m going back to the gym and cooking again. I was going to start “Solution” work but I think I’ll have to back out. As much as I enjoy it, I have to concentrate on finishing school right now.

I feel like I have a continuous “to do” list going and I’m a bit tired now. I just came back from San Francisco where I picked up my sister and dad. They were there dropping off my niece since she just moved there. I knew this would be hard for my sister since my niece is her baby and she now has an empty nest. On the drive home, I could hear my sister sniffling and could see her wiping her tears in the rear view mirror. I thought about my mom and how many times she would cry when I would leave.
I felt bad thinking back on this. I felt like if I could go back I wouldn’t have gone or at the very lest, realized how sad this decision of mine made her. I was so oblivious to the fact that me leaving would not affect her. I felt so selfish thinking back on this.


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