Learning to walk


The weather has been nice for a while and so I’ve been trying to get out with the dogs more. Baby and I really need it since we have more “padding” than last year. Minnie needs it too so she can burn off some of her energy. But Minnie is still pulling on the leash so hard that it borders on dangerous.
Poor girl, she gets so scared around people and sounds that she pulls hard on the leash and crosses over in front of me at times. I tried a few different “no-pull” leashed and harnesses, but no luck. She locks onto what ever is scaring her so she doesn’t notice anything I say or do. Redirecting her is pointless. 
So again I decided to go back to the basics. She did great in her basic obedience class. She learned basic commands and could do them with other people and dogs around. So now I put on her no-pull leash and we stand by the front door. I give her a few treats before opening the door. Then we step outside.
Yesterday we stood outside in front of the door and she was able to take a few treats. But a few steps further and she was scared and shaking again. So that was the end of that session.
Today we actually made it a few steps away form the door and almost 10 feet away from it. She was able to sit on command and get her treats. But once she locks into her fears she pays no attention to re-direction or treats. Her tail tuck under and she shakes.
So we move closer to the door, she gets a few treats with her “sits” and we go back inside. Tomorrow may be we can get to 10 feet form the door!
But it’s not just Minnie,
I’m learning to walk again too. I have been more active lately and frustrated at the fact that I can;t function on the same athletic level I once could. I can’t run or go at a high incline on the treadmill without hurting my shins. I can’t go as intensely on the eliptical either. So I have to walk. Every morning me and BabyGrrrl go for a 45-60 minute walk and I hope it’s enough to get me started on my road to being active again.

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