Bike riding day 2


Day one was just practicing on nearby trail. It was fun and exhausting and I was just trying not to knock down the people jogging by. I felt a little more confident, but no where near ready to drive in the city street.

Today was my second day practicing on my bike and it was fun and slightly embarrassing. 

There was so many kids and people there that I was scared of hitting them. I kept skidding and stopping short. It was so damn funny. I learned that biking over the wooden bridge is hard and can cause you to ride into the barrier if your not ready.
I ran into (not literally) a guy who remembered me from middle school. He was with his three kids and we talked a bit after I skidded to a stop on the bridge. We caught up a little while one of his kids went to hide for their hide and seek game. He tells me that he’s spending more time with kids cause he was out of own for the past two years. Right then his 8 year old  son says “jail”. I just started laughing.
Did I mention that I love my bike? 

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