Nothing like being sick…

There’s nothing like being sick to let you know how alone you are.

As some may know, I have PCOS and it really screws with my periods. I haven’t had one for 2-3 months and this month hit me like ton of bricks. For the last four days I have been cramping and it sucks. My pain pills don’t help much, and when I move around I feel it more. It’s been frustrating, cause I feel like my life in on hold until this is over and I have no idea when that will be.
So I have been working half days and have been lying on the couch with heating pads and tea. It’s slightly depressing because it reminds me of how alone I am. I revert to childhood and wish I had my mom here to bring me tea and re-heat the hot water bottle, rub my head and just talk to me.
I miss having someone here right now asking me how I feel and if I need anything (even though I don’t think I ever had a partner who did as much).

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  1. Desirée says:

    =( Sorry you’re not feeling well. I get killer cramps too. Remember to get more calcium around that time and eat your protein, it’s supposed to help. Feel better soon!

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