Since this blog is also about being single, I suppose I should write about it.

For me, being single goes through cycles of loving it and abhorring it.
When I love it, it’s mainly the love of freedom. The freedom to do as I please, when I please. Spontaneous action and knowing that I can enjoy what I like without having to consult anyone. I can explore all my interests fully.
When I hate it, oh it’s bad. I am passionate and tactile so it’s very awkward when I have no human touch. I miss the feeling of my heart racing or the passion of taking in a persons presence.
I used to think that it was a “needy” thing to want to be in a relationship, but I now believe that it’s simply human nature to want to be partnered. Although I am not an extrovert, I still feel that it is only natural to want human contact.
Dating. Oh dating. Now this is a concept that, try as I may, is just so foreign to me.

I grew up hearing my Dad’s stories of his love for my Mom. They met at a young age and married at 15 years old. They stayed married until she passed away 11 years ago at the age of 65. Despite his tough exterior, he is also a very passionate man who wears his heart on his sleeve and is not afraid of love. Hearing him shaped my concept of relationships. I remember him telling me that finding love should not be like picking out a watermelon. You don’t test several options to find the best one. Instead, you know who you want to be with because you can’t stop thinking of them and when you see them, your day is perfect and your heart is full.

So go figure.

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