This Blog is a year old and I have to look back and see what progress has been made and what needs to continue. Originally, this blog was created to focus on being vegan, single, and living with two dogs. Well, I’m still vegan, still single, and only live with one dog.

Los Dogs
BabyGrrrl did not welcome Minnie at all. For a year BabyG kept bullying Minnie and after a particularly nasty fight (which left a bite mark near Minnie’s eye) I decided to call her old dad back to see if Minnie could live with him. You see, Minnie’s dad was supposed to be stationed in Florida, but plans changed and he stayed in California. He was able to get his other dog Marley back and the timing couldn’t be better. he was ecstatic to have Minnie back and we met to get bring Minnie back home to his dad and old doggie friend. It was a sad and tough task and I miss her still. But I know that she is much happier living in place where she has a friend who will play with her instead of bullying her.
On Being Single
Being single has had it’s ups and down. I’ve had a blast taking advantage of my singledom by traveling and exploring interests freely as well as dating and meeting new people. But by the end of the year I began to feel more loneliness than ever. This year I have decided to back off from dating and to just relax into what the future may bring. I’ll be moving soon, which will bring new opportunities to meet new people, build new friendships, and have more time to invest in those things that are important to me.
I learned that I need to re-connect with me and break free from those people and thoughts which cause me pain. I need to be as giving to myself as I am to others. What I didn’t expect was that this shift just may mean a new career path or location.
So a new year is here and this blog remains one of a vegan and single Chicana. Let’s see what this year brings…

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