Memories – of the smelly kind

I was out with at the Farmers Market last week with a friend. I was looking for some greens, some rich lush veggies, to prepare and enjoy. Instead, I found some unexpected memories. It’s amazing how the sense of smell can trigger the strongest most vivid memories. Not just images, but memories filled with emotions.

The first scent came from a box of guavas. My friend bought a few and as he was selecting them, I inhaled the smell of a ripe guava. Immediately I was transported back to Mexico. I was 10 again with my family standing in the Mercado in Juarez. I couldn’t get enough of it. I wanted to bottle the smell so that I would never be without it.
Yummy Guavas

The second scent was bittersweet. As most farmers markets have, there were buckets of flowers for sale. I decided to take a look at a few and saw a box of Hyacinths. I wondered if they smelled like the ones that grew in the yard of my old house in Washington. I leaned over, and again, was transported to another time. This time it was long summer days filled with the smell of fresh cut grass and mixed emotions. There were Grape Hyacinths growing in the backyard that my (then) boyfriend planted. He had an amazing skill for landscaping and the yard never looked better. Smellling those Hyacinths at the Farmers Market almost made me cry. I could feel the thick cool grass below my feet, the smell of the soil, and the strong emotions I had at that time almost 13 years ago.

Hyacinths - full of memories

Hyacinth – full of memories

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