A trip to the beach

After a week with the flu, I was having a major case of cabin fever! My poor BabyGrrrl was confused the whole time because when I’m home, we usually go on our walks. As I lay on the couch (sniffling, congested, and coughing) she would look up at me, tail wagging, with curious perked up ears. “Sorry Baby, no walks today”.

So at the first opportunity of feeling well, I decided to take little miss out for a long walk along the beach (Natural Bridges).
It was overcast but I didn’t care. Apparently, neither did many other people, because the ocean was full of surfers. We walked along the coastline cliffs and I decided to stop for a bit so we could sit and watch the surfers.

I don’t know how to swim, I’m afraid of being underwater, but I love the ocean. I envy those people who can jump in and be surrounded by the sea. As I watched the surfers heads bobbing up and down in the ocean, I noticed, that they were like that for a while. A long while.
Then slowly a wave would curl in. Then another, slightly larger one. Then what appeared to be one worth paddling towards.

Although a few would try to clammer onto their boards, one would actually be able to get up and ride.
“How beautiful” I thought, “to be able to practice patience like that.”

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  1. Joe says:

    I’m a little afraid of being under water in the ocean, too. I’ve only been in the Santa Cruz water once, cuz it’s way too cold and I don’t trust the bacteria count. I suggest going to Hawaii where the water is warm and clear blue…that helped me out a lot. There are lots of beaches that have sandy bottoms where you can walk out pretty far and the water is calm and up to your chest (or neck, or head). Just go May thru August when the water is calmer especially if you’re on the north side of one of the islands. Happy swimming, or floating!

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