Navigating the Omega

First let me say that I am no doctor. I ended up researching this info in search of a good Omega 3. I thought it was important enough to pass along.

Omega 3. What a lovely Omega. Unlike Omega 6 which is found abundantly in virtually everything we eat, Omega 3‘s are mostly found in flaxseed and walnuts (and fish, but that’s not an option in this blog). Now, the Omega’s from flaxseed and walnuts is called an ALA. It’s essential, but not as much as Omega 3’s DHA and EPA (the latter being the most important).

If you pick up any conventional Omega 3 with DHA, you will see that it has fish oil and a high amount of DHA and EPA. As a vegan, these are not an option. When it comes to vegan options, most Omega 3’s are usually just that, plain old Omega 3 (ALA). Some have DHA, but in small amounts, and if it has EPA the amounts are tiny. I was only able to find 2 Omega 3 products that have DHA and EPA. V-Pure and Pure One.

I wanted to pass along this info because if all you are buying is Omega 3, then you are not getting the the essential fatty acids your body needs. In short, Omega 6 is a pro-inflammatory and Omega 3 w/ EFA is an anti-inflammatory. If you have both, your body will be in balance.

Inflammation is good when there is a wound that needs healing, but inflammation could also cause complications to the heart, diabetes, cancer, hormones, and those asthma.

So you see, just eating some walnuts or flaxseeds isn’t enough. Get those Omega’s with DHA and EPA in them!


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  1. Laura from SC Earthlings says:

    Dr. Joel Fuhrman also makes a vegan long-chain omega supplement from algae, called DHA Purity. It's refrigerated also. This is the one I take, besides eating chia seeds, and walnuts: I prefer chia to flax because it's higher in omega 3's and it's full of antioxidants (flax has none which is why it goes rancid so easily), and it's an ancient Aztec food. Here's a fascinating book about it:

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