Happy 2 Year Bloggiversary

This Blog is officially 2 years old now and in looking back at the past year, I can honestly say that, despite learning some hard lessons, it has been one of those tough, sucky, could have lived without years. Let’s be more truthful. 2009, had it’s decent moments, but for the most part, contained months which I could have done without. There, that sounds more like it.

Highlights are:

  • I moved to Santa Cruz and found an apartment that feels like home.
  • In a bad economy, I managed to stay employed.
  • I started Grad school.
  • I met some cool people and made new friends.
  • I started meditating more.

Bummers are:

  • I met some people I could have done without.
  • I was ill for a few months which took a huge toll on me.
  • I had a series of transient lovers which left me broken-hearted.
  • A friend from high school passed away from cancer.

So I’m left feeling a little empty right now. A bit gun-shy. I’m afraid to hope and afraid to be happy. I wish I could feel like the kid in this photo, excited in his wishes and enthusiastic to dream. Maybe after a bit more healing I will be able to become fearless again, but for now the new year will creep in with caution.


One Comment Add yours

  1. spiritgoddess says:

    Hello! Happy New year! Hope we can catch up soon, been thinking about you. -Melissa

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