When BabyG’s happy, Momma’s happy


Last Thursday, one of my doctors suggested that BabyGrrrl and I try out a dog park up the road. Since we are rarely in the Monterey/Pacific Grove area anymore, I decided “why not!” The place was easy to find and parking was ample. As we started our walk I had Baby on her leash. Quite quickly we came across a gal and her dog was running wildly throughout the trees. “Is this an off-leash park?” Oh my, there are so few off-leash parks! Off came the leash and BabyGrrrl was in heaven!

(click on any pictures to see a larger version of them)

BabyGrrrl hears something
a small creek w/ a smaller walkway

We weaved throughout the trails and found creeks and small walkways. This park reminded me of places I had been before in the northwest, but it was unique unto itself. Baby was having an amazing time running from tree to tree sniffing about and exploring through bushes and grassy patches. I loved looking at the moss hanging from the branches and the various shades of green around me in different forms. The twists and arches of the trees and fallen branches were beautiful and there was just so much to look at.

beautiful moss

The park had so many trails throughout it and the hike was such a nice was to spend the afternoon. There were sounds of birds and the creaking of old trees, At one point, there was a really slow yet LOUD creaking sound, then crashing of a large falling branch as it hit the ground.

running back to momma

We did come across a few other dogs now and again, and it was nice being able to allow the dogs to figure it on their own if they wanted to socialize or not. When on leash, it’s so hard to tell sometimes, but off-leash, they work it out quite nicely. Baby, of course, chose to explore and not socialize. We will definitely revisit this place when in Pacific Grove again.


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