“Oh the horrors!” and why a meat eater is just as guilty as a slaughterhouse worker

Once again, another animal kill-house video has emerged showing the realities of what happens to animals before you eat them. And once again, people are talking about how “cruel it is that people treat animals so badly in these awful conditions” and “we must speak out and demand a more humane way of killing them!” They are shouting “Animal cruelty! Animal cruelty!” as they toss another free-range chicken breast into their shopping carts. Really people? Are you fucking serious? Are you so emotionally disconnected that you cannot make the connection? I don’t even know why I’m bothering to state that as a question. OF COURSE! YOU ARE SO EMOTIONALLY DISCONNECTED THAT YOU CAN’T MAKE THE CONNECTION!

Can you do one thing, please, and give yourself a moment to re-connect? I know it’s uncomfortable, but this is about something much bigger than your comfort level. We’re talking lives here.

The reality is that situations, like at this hatchery, are common practice. That IS how you get your meat, eggs, and dairy products. If you choose to eat dead animals and their secretions, then accept that by doing so, you support these practices. There’s no way around it.

“But I only eat organic, free-range, cage free animals and secretions!” Well sorry to break it to you, but you’re not getting away that easy. Just because there’s a label slapped on that plastic wrapped carcass doesn’t mean that the animal that was once alive lived a “good life”.

An example of this is cows. In order for a cow to lactate, she must be pregnant. It isn’t like Bessie is just out in the pasture and getting it on with any frisky bull she comes across. No, Miss Bessie is strapped into a “rape rack” so she can be artificially inseminated, birth her babies, be emotionally tormented by the separation from her babies (at birth or within hours), over and over again, until she is deemed useless and then sent to the slaughterhouse. Her babies? Well, they are sold at auction where little girls are deemed to the same fate as their moms, and little boys are castrated and killed in their youth so they can be sold as veal. So if it was cruelty you were trying to avoid by eating that organic & humane milk or cheese, well, sorry but you just wasted your time and money.

The website http://www.humanemyth.org goes into the details of the humane myth. I suggest you go check it out if you want to stop living the humane lie. Because that’s what it is, a lie. These companies spend thousands of dollars to brainwash you into believing it, and you gladly spend your hard-earned money on their over priced publicity campaigns. Aren’t you tired of living a lie?

My bottom line is this. If you eat meat, you are no better than a slaughterhouse worker.

In order to work in a slaughterhouse, people have to harden themselves to the reality that animals feel pain. That is how humans can do that kind of work (think the Stanford Prison Experiment). People who EAT animals are no better than the slaughterhouse worker who kicks a baby calf, or tosses a male baby duck into a grinder.

You see, people who EAT ANIMALS harden themselves to the emotional lives of animals in order to EAT THEM! There is no such thing as humane killing, humane meat, etc. It’s a fantasy people like to believe in, so they can continue to have the convenience of eating other living beings. If videos and situations like this truly disturb you, then going vegan is the most sensible thing to do.


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  1. ocveganista says:

    Thank you writing this, I am going to pass it along for sure. My heart breaks for the animals every day, and I appreciate everyone who passes along the information and reality behind consuming animal products…no matter how hard they may be to face.

    ❤ vegan love


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