Las Vegas and Vegan?


A recent article explains how a Las Vegas Restaurant Mandates Vegan Options. What does this  mean? Mogul Steve Wynn now offers vegan options at two of his Las Vegas resorts; Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Las Vegas. Being the skeptic that I read the article and was disappointed that they describes cooking vegan food as “difficult” and that the prices of these options were going to be just as pricey as the rest of their menu options.

Then I remembered that it si Las Vegas after all, and unless your going to a buffet, the food is going to be pricey. I hopes are that these chef’s create amazing vegan meals worth the price.

I also remembered that before I went vegan, I couldn’t imagine cooking without butter, milk, or eggs. These are chefs who are used to cooking steaks, fish, and overly indulgent meals in heavy sauces. Making that transition can appear to be a challenge at first. My hopes are that as they experiment with vegan ingredients and refer to other vegan chefs, that they will see just how easy it is to cook vegan.

In the end, I was really happy to see that more people are asking for vegan options. When it comes to an abolitionist approach to veganism, people tend to say “The world isn’t going to go vegan over night”. Of course it;’s not. I would never expect such a thing, but this is evident that it is happening, slowly but surely.


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