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Happy 3 Year Bloggiversary

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I was perusing past blog entries and it’s kinda scary to see how much has changed. I’ve never been a big fan of change in general despite knowing how essential and, uhm, normal, it is. Last year was not the best, and I won’t kid myself to think that just because it’s a new year things will suddenly shift to “not the worst”. But there is a sense of starting anew. I think every new year is just an overly emphasized reminder that we are constantly starting over.

I actually like resolutions. Then again I also like lists, and a schedule, and other boring things like that. I don’t see resolutions as decisions that are sustained. I see resolutions as starting points, and whatever happens after that is up to me.

At this point, I want to be more aware of the foods I’m eating. I’m pretty good about eating organic, but I want to pay attention to the issue of non-GMO foods as well since corn and soy are big GMO foods.

To download a current copy of the Non-GMO Shoppers Guide visit:

And of course there is also an app:

There is a lot that is on this list that i don’t consume anyway (the obvious meats, dairy, etc.) but it does list meat and diary alternatives as well as grains.


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