Solvang, CA

Solvang, CA

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Another year, another Birthday. Since 2002 I decided to either do something I’ve never done before, or go somewhere I’ve never been to before in honor of my mom. We share the same birthday and, before she passed away in 1997, we would always spend the day together. She was happy traveling and I know that she would have loved to travel along with me, so this year I decided to visit Solvang for a couple of days.

I arrived at night and decided to take a quick walk around the neighborhood since it was so warm out.

Solvang Brewing Co.

First thing in the morning I decided to go for a good bike ride through town and the back roads.

Alisal Rd.

Back in town I visited a few shops and bought a book I found on Janis Joplin at a thrift store. How appropriate since me and my mom share our birthday with Janis as well.

Hello Janis!

As for the town, I wasn’t expecting much as I just wanted to go somewhere I could get to know my camera better. Since it’s a tourist town, there was a strange artificial feeling to it. I didn’t find the people there to be very friendly, but I’d probably be pissy too if I lived there. It’s also much smaller than I thought.

Alisal Rd. (Downtown)

As I biked through town I unexpectedly visited the Santa Inez Mission for a bit and rode up the hill to a natural foods market. You can imagine that since Solvang is a Danish town, it isn’t very vegan friendly. But the natural market more than made up for it with the most amazing vegan rueben sandwich and other deli options. Oh and no pictures of the sandwich are available as I scarfed it down faster than you can say OMFG!

Sta. Inez Mission pathway

On my last hours there I swung by the Farmers Market. I picked up some sprouted grains for my almost daily salads and some amazingly good Mint and Dill Hummus. Did I tell you how much I love dill? I’ve been putting fresh dill in my salads lately and I highly recommend you try it.

Farmer's Market

Overall Solvang is an okay place to visit for a few hours. You don’t need more than that. It doesn’t have much to offer, but in an off season, it could be enough of a get away in the literal sense.

Behind "Valley Books"

On my way home I had to swing by Andersen’s Pea Soup restaurant just to see it. I always saw the billboards for it as a kid and wondered what the big deal was. I also wanted to see it cos I’m a dork like that and I’m a fan of crossing things off my “things to see” list.

Hap-Pea and Pea-Wee

On the drive back home the moon was full and accompanied me all the way. I sang loudly and out of tune and was grateful that my car,  once again, brought me home safely. For the big 40 next year I want to go to New York. New York in January? I better start saving money and investing in warm clothes. Happy Birthday Mom.


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  1. ownyourpassion says:

    Thanks for posting this! I know it’s an old post but I have a yearning to check out Solvang and its nice to know ill have something to eat!

    1. Ahimsa says:

      Great! I’m glad this could help. Stumbling upon the natural food market was so helpful. You’ll find everything you need there. Have fun!

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