Earth Day 2011 – A Life Connected


It’s Earth Day and I wanted to write-up a post on the environmental impact of consuming animals. I’ve been scouring the internet for credible facts and there is plenty of evidence that proves that using animals for food has the highest negative impact on the environment. In fact, there is so much evidence of this that, instead of spending hours to compiling it all myself, I decided to post a video that does the job so accurately and concisely without any “graphic” images.

This short, almost 12 minute video, describes how “green” practices (such as recycling, driving less, etc.) are commonly promoted, yet the act that has the greatest positive environmental impact (not eating animals) is rarely mentioned, much less promoted.

It also describes how eating animals negatively impacts the environment (pollution, water use) and hunger, as well as touching on the disconnect between human values and animal sentience.

So take less than 12 minutes out of your day to get some info, decide for yourself, and share this video if you so choose.


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