Expanding Your Understanding of Motherhood

(The following videos do not contain slaughter images)

Mother’s Day is here, and it is so easy for many to forget that motherhood goes beyond the human animal.

Every animal has a mother and all animals have a sense of motherhood. The degree to which the maternal bonding occurs varies, but it is a sense of motherhood nonetheless.

So many people either do not know, or ignore the fact, that in the farming/slave industry the separation of mother and child (many times immediately after birth) is not only routine, but required. When a mother is separated from her babies, she experiences emotional distress. This not only happens once in her life, but over and over again until she is “spent” and no longer useful. In short, she lives a life of continuous emotional distress.

What human mother could endure such torture? If this occurred to human mothers would we be moved to end it?

The text used in the following video comes from a Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary pamphlet titled “Milk Comes From A Grieving Mother”.

Most people who decide to become vegetarian do so out of their caring for animals. Unfortunately, a vegetarian still contributes to the abuse of mothers by consuming eggs and milk products that come from grieving mothers. In going vegan you are making a complete compassionate choice that speaks for those who have no voice.

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary is the only sanctuary I know of that does not contribute or condone “humane farming”. If you can, please visit their website, look at their literature, and contribute if you can. You can visit them at http://www.peacefulprairie.org/


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  1. Les says:

    I hadn’t ever thought about the seperation between a mother and her calf. So sad!

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