Does My Body Love or Hate Me? (RDBC Day 2)

Today’s practice left me feeling my age. My body has A LOT of catching up to do and it’s kinda scary. I remember being younger and really active and fit. I can’t help but think of how much easier this would be had I just kept myself in good physical shape.

We started off today with a bit of off-skate training info from a local physical trainer. He gave us two home workout routines that consist of push-up, bicycles, burpees, planks, squats, and the like.

When I finally had all my gear on we practiced drills that, for me, didn’t last too long. On my first knee drop I felt a pull and twist in my left hip. By the time I got up it was hard to skate on that leg. I could skate on it, but couldn’t really ask for much more out of it.

The rest of the night was practicing stops. There were a couple of people there to help those who needed more help so I worked with them on my T and Plow Stops. Although I need work, I am seeing an improvement.

As a group we learned Turn Stops which I totally didn’t get. That was one hell of a confusing stop. It looks simple, but when you break it down, it confuses me. I noticed that I get disoriented, “What foot goes out? Which way am I turning? What happens to that other leg? What?” Urgh, this one leave me feeling far behind.

We ended the evening with leaning about stride and crossovers. Stride gives me speed and that’s when I freak out inside, so I’m going to have to get comfortable with speed QUICK. As for crossovers, I’ll be one happy gal when I get that down.

My body was fighting me all during practice. I am sore and this hip strain makes things difficult. My tailbone is still sore which leaves me afraid to fall, which I need to do a lot more of.

Anyhow, an Epsom salt bath and heating pad were calling me by the time I got home. And lots of sleep too. I can’t tell yet if my body loves me or hates me.


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