Brain Freeze (RDBC: Day 3)

Sorry to say that day 3 of RDBC was not a good one for me. My lower back was really killing me from the get go and so I had to take a lot of breaks and stretch out. As you can imagine it was pretty frustrating not being able to stick with the team as we moved on to learn more skills. I would skate until the pain was unbearable, so I ended up barely being able to try any of them. I knew I wasn’t the only one needing to stop and stretch, but there’s something different about the fact that I have to do it.

What really did it for me is that we were being taught how to do cross-overs, which is the one skill I really went in wanting to learn. By the time we got to that lesson, I was so in my head, that I didn’t feel like I could fully practice it. Yeah, I pretty bummed.

What’s interesting is that previous to Day 3, I met with a few team mates for practice and I noticed that I was extremely hesitant to do any drops.Everytime I would get to my marker, I would get scared and instead just skated on past. I had to remind myself to breathe just before executing it and what I learned is that a) breathing is essential, 2) I need to not think about it, and c) I need to fall or not get it “right” a few times before loosing my fear.

After Day 3 I expressed my concerns and I got a lot of support from my team mates. They shared their experiences, suggestions, and encouraged me to just keep doing my best. I have to say, the support and camaraderie of going through RDBC with a group of women who are also challenging themselves, is such an amazing experience. This is an amazing group of women.

In the end, I was reminded of another reason why I signed up for RDBC in the first place. I tend to get in my head too much and end up getting “stuck” with certain things. I knew RDBC would push me and challenge me, and it’s doing just that.


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  1. I am unbelievably proud of you. Do you know that when I read this, it is very inspiring? I always get stuck in my head and it always ends the same, I give up. I feel like I always let myself down, when it comes to personal challenges. I have conquered some things, but not enough. I’m not getting any younger, there is so much more that I want to do in life. I am 100% rooting for you up here. Can you hear me cheering you on??

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