Be Your Own Hero (RDBC Day 4)


I am happy to report that Day 4 of RDBC went much better. Despite the fact that I woke up with a stuffy/runny nose, and only had some kind of trail mix bar for breakfast, I bolted off to practice (box of tissues in hand) and ready to get back to work.

There were a few things I did differently this time to help me with my lower back pain issues. These were all suggestions from my team mates.

  1. Take an Ibuprofen before and after practice.
  2. Wear a well supporting sports bra.
  3. Wear different socks (thin or thicker socks work better for some than others).
  4. When you skate, squat as low as you can.
  5. Suck in your gut. Bring your belly button towards you back as much as possible.
  6. Breathe and relax your upper body.
  7. Remember you are just learning. It’s okay to be at the skill level you are at.
  8. Don’t be so serious and have FUN!!

That last piece of advice came from one of our trainers, and it really hit home for me. It sounds simple but it speaks VOLUMES for me. The following is an excerpt of a message she posted to us on our forum and I nearly cried from joy.

Hey ladies,

I have been reading the posts coming through here and loving how honest and supportive everyone is being. That really is the soul of Derby: a sisterhood of empowered women! I just wanted to share my own two cents.

We are our own worst enemies. Full stop. We have these amazing bodies that are capable of SO MUCH, and we are so hard on them. We beat them up and verbally abuse them… and tear our spirits down at the same time. I am no different. I still struggle with getting out of my head and onto the track. I am still battling it out with the 25-in-5. But you know what? When I remember what Foxee Firestorm said to me one night when I was in tears at bootcamp, I always feel better. She reminded me that I was there to have fun.

And when it gets hard and I start talking shit to myself in my head… I need to just plaster the biggest smile I can muster on my face, take a deep breath, and do it just for the love of DOING IT. Not to prove anything to myself or anyone else. The skills will come. The speed will come (I’m still waiting for mine…). But the love and passion for this amazing phenomenon is right here, right now. Infuse your practice with your love of derby, your love for your sisters, and your love for yourself. Have fun.

And instead of being your own worst enemy: BE YOUR OWN FUCKING HERO!

You are all goddesses, and I am honored to watch you as you discover this for yourselves.

Awesome right? The part where she says “Not to prove anything to myself or anyone else” hit me square in the chest. I live off of proving things to myself, so this reminded that’s it’s totally okay to let that defense down and just go for it for the simple enjoyment of doing it. Priceless.

So with all this ammunition, I ended up having a great practice today. I practiced my falls, stops, cross overs and even some jumps and leaps (more like really, really low hops for me though). But I was happy with that. I was able to see where I’m at and where I need more practice without being hard on myself. I actually had fun again.


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