New Vegan/Animal Right Magazine: The Abolitionist

Vegan:UK has come out with a new on-line vegan/animal rights magazine titled The Abolitionist. Issue 1 is out now, and so far it appears to be a well written and information packed, without kitchen-sinking the publication with information overload.

The first issue informs on abolitionist theory, highlights new-welfare in the news, gives an intro to veganism,  includes recipes, and more.

As an abolitionist vegan, I find it to be educational and without compromise. This is a long overdue project as there are enough publications out there that rely on advertising and celebrity attention in order to get people to read/purchase their issues. Because of this they are afraid to use the “V” word (vegan) and rely on playing it safe so as to not turn people off. In my opinion, playing nice is one of the most dangerous things you can do when working towards ending injustice.

I’m not sure how welfarists (vegan or not) will respond to The Abolitionist, but I at least hope that anyone who reads it will do so as they should with any publication; with an open and analytical mind.


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  1. Ross says:

    Thank you for sharing this 🙂 Are you a member of the facebook group? Lots of lively discussion happening there!

    1. Ahimsa says:

      yes, I see there are quite a bit of posts going on there.

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