Oh Yeah, We’re a TEAM! (RDBC Day 5)


(Not our team, but it gives a slight overview of what we’ve been learning)

In order for me to make it to Wednesday practice, I had to ask my boss if I could start work an hour early so I can leave an hour early. This means leaving home at 6 am, with all my gear, for the 40 minute drive to work, then changing into practice clothes just before leaving work and hour early.  It normally takes 45 minutes to get from where I work to where the practice site is, but at prime traffic hour, it can take anywhere from 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.  This allows me (on a good day) 20 minutes to fully gear up at the warehouse and be on the rink by our start time (5:30).

Today was not one of those days.

I had most of my gear, but forgot my clothes. Traffic was heavy and I had just enough time to swing home and change. As I drove to the warehouse I began to wonder if I left my mouth guard at home. Shit, should I just go home, call it a day, and not go? There’s no way I have enough time to drive back and get it!

I walked into the warehouse with enough time to gear up, but alas, no mouth guard was to be found. Shit. I just spent a day where I woke up early, and drove home to change, to try to be on time, for nothing.

So I decided that while I was there I was going to be as engaged as possible. I stretched, did planks, squats, and watched and mimicked the footwork of the skills being taught. At the 25 in 5 I ran the inside track as much as I could and took notes as we learned how to skate in a pack, the one leg snow plow stop, and c cut.

Our coach was a bit harsher today with us as she really wants us to understand that we are, in fact, in team. By harsher I mean, we had to do push ups due to people who showed up late or if the team did not do what was asked during a drill/skill. What was made clear to me was that she was teaching us that although we are there for individual reasons, we are also there for each other. We need to motivate each other, problem solve with each other, and do what ever it takes to bring people up to their best potential.

After seeing our team, I began to feel really stoked. What an inspirational group of women! We rock! I was suddenly so inspired to put more energy and time into my practice. I scoped out a few outdoor locations for practice and I think I’m going to take my skates to work and practice during my lunch hour.


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