A Pain in the Ass (RDBC Day 6)

Tonight’s practice was a mixed bag for me. My lower back was acting up again despite the stretches, ibuprofen, and back brace a team member lent me. I did what I could, remembering to have fun and notice where I am at and where the next step of growth is vs comparing myself to others.

I was doing okay having to stop and take back breaks, and then jumping back into the track. I was okay with stepping out of the track to practice a skills with our trainers/coaches as they offered. I was even okay with the partner push relay race we did (where I was definitely struggling, but having fun anyway). I was okay…up until we started practicing whips.

The first set was alright. I noticed how I was grabbing (taking) and how I whipping (giving). It all seemed fine until…

I had my left arm out and back. I looked back to see my partner and when she grabbed my arm and I whipped her I flew back myself. At first I thought it was a loss of balance thing that I could recover from, then it was just too much too fast and both my feet went into the air and I landed smack on my tailbone. Yup, ass to concrete. Thankfully I was wearing my crash pad shorts, or else I think the damage would have resulted in some kinda fracture. I heard some “are you okay?” and “get off the track” but I was dizzy, felt like the wind was knocked outta me, and in a pain that almost had me in tears. I think I was in shock. I was shook up for sure and when I got off the track and stood up, I was still dizzy and it was very obvious that I needed to sit down.

I gave it a bit before I got up to skate again. I was gun-shy about it, but skated outside the track since I wasn’t sure I was okay enough to keep up with the team in their next skill set. I didn’t want to slow them down or be a nuisance.

I decided to sit the rest of practice out since my tailbone was still somehow numb and hurting, and I didn’t know what kind of damage I did to it. I definitely  didn’t want to take the chance of falling on it again.

NOTE: I get it, it’s Roller Derby, you WILL fall A LOT! I have fallen enough to know that I just get back up and keep going. I even fell on my tailbone twice before and got up and skated, but the impact of those falls were nowhere near the one I did last night. I fell with the force of two people’s momentum last night and it was just as my tailbone began to feel somewhat okay from the previous falls last month. 

In all honesty I couldn’t remember what happened right before the fall so I had to ask my partner. I wasn’t going to have a fall like that and not learn from it. When she told me, then it made sense. It’s the answer to almost every “how can I do it better, so it doesn’t hurt, so I don’t fall” question. I needed to get low. If I am standing up or not low enough, I will fall back. I need to get low and into position.

So now I am icing and heating the crack of my ass AND using a doughnut to sit. Can you say Roller Derby Geriatrics?


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