Recovering (RDBD Day 7)

So I went to get my bum checked out at urgent care and by a chiropractor and it turns out that my tailbone is injured as it has a slight curve to it that wasn’t there before. The numbing is slowly wearing off and I can feel the pain more. My butt bruise has grown and my ability to sit has turned into an art form.

My chiropractor applied some warm gel stuff on me, pulled and pushed some areas, did some laser thing, and used some pulsing machine on me today which ended with a strip of Rock Tape (skull design – yeay) going from the inside of the crack on my ass to my lower back. I’m not sure how it works really, but I guess you can read about it here.

The tailbone injury is very deceiving as I can walk and do most things normally, but when it comes to bending down, knee drops, squatting, sitting, and certain stretches, the pain can be sharp and intense.

Today I noticed that after squatting into derby position, I could feel my tailbone being pulled and a low pulsing happening. I took breaks and jumped in for as long as I could. We were learning hip and butt blocks as well as hip and shoulder checks. I modified the drills so I could get use to the leg movements, and one of th trainers would go through the skills with me so I could get a better idea of how it feels. Another team member was injured so we  practiced off skates for a bit.

I managed to go through one full drill at the end, and it was good to feel like a part of the team again.

So my progress is small, and I am getting better at seeing where I am at, and where I can challenge myself, because it isn’t going to look like everyone else on the team. I’m not worried about catching up anymore. I’d like to practice more, and when this injury heals up a bit, I want to fall more.

Yes, you heard right. When my falling injury heals, I want to fall again, and again, and again, so that when I fall off guard, my natural reaction won’t be to stand up and fall back, but instead, will be to fall forward and do a knee drop and get back up. I just need to fall more to get over it. That fear is what holds me back so much.

Anyhow, From here on out it’s practicing very mindfully and revising older skills to help bring them up to speed.

Overall, the team looks great. It’s amazing to see whose blossomed through the pack!


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