Last week I physically was starting to feel better and was feeling really excited about getting back into derby practice. I could still feel pain and discomfort, but it was to a lesser degree. I was also noticing an increase in my range of motion, although it was still limited.

As I skated the track I spoke with one of our coaches and it was decided that I would modify my skating that day. Despite this, I managed to re-injure my tailbone. It wasn’t even anything exciting. I was skating off the track when one of our coaches bumped into me by accident. I landed right on my ass and it was so incredibly painful.

It has been more painful than the initial injury, and is incredibly annoying. I feel it in everything I do so I can’t wait for this paint to go away. I’m officially off skates for the rest of Boot Camp, but will still be going to practice to at least learn what skills are needed for try-outs.


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