Happy Four Year Bloggiversary!

"The Four Elements" ~ May Ann Licudine

This bloggy blog is now 4 years old. I’ve considered giving this blog a very specific focus, but I’ve learned that life is not that way. These past four years have been a voyage, so the focus of this blog has changed a bit. But this year it has settled into a blog of various randoms from someone who experiences veganism through a Chicana’s perspective. I’m very curious by nature, and will choose to experience most things that cross my curious path. In doing so I learn more about myself, and knowing myself has become a bigger, and more essential, endeavor.

Even though I have spent many years intentionally getting to know me, 2011 was all about taking that journey to another level. In my previous bloggiversay posts, I mentioned some life shifting events that left me feeling cautious about the future. Although there continued to be great turbulence, I can say that there was a whole lotta knowledge gained that I am so grateful for.

As for the vegan voyage, I have considered blogging about the vegan news of the day, but there is so much to write on and other blogs that do it well. For the most part, I want to start making small posts that link to other sites for the full story. Otherwise,  I will continue to touch on vegan news items that I feel moved to write more in-depth about.

There’s no doubt that veganism will continue to be mentioned in the mainstream, and as more people take on the decision to be vegan, I find it important to be very clear about what veganism is and is not. For this reason, it essential that the abolitionist voice continue to be heard.


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