I Am Not Your Property


This photo prompted me to write this post. I feel gut-wrenching disgust, sorrow, and anger and the site of this gorgeous creature killed. For tusks. Ivory. Money.

This reality begs the question to be asked again. When will people understand that non-human animals do not belong to people? What non-human animals have, belongs to them. Nature has provided them with features and functions CUSTOM MADE FOR THEIR USE AND BENEFIT.

I see this as no different from what I have belonging to me. I get to decide what parts of me (body, mind, spirit, time, resources, etc.) I keep, what parts I share, and what parts I give away. Anything else is stealing. And stealing in a “nice and humane” manner is still stealing.

I’ll end with the following definitions:
Stealing: 1. the act of taking something from someone unlawfully. 2. Avoiding detection by moving carefully.

Animal welfare laws provide a means of stealing by avoiding (masking) detection. It is only when a shift in consciousness happens, and we finally understand that non-human animals do not belong to us, will there be no need for such laws that cause more harm than good.

Note: I am aware of the role that poverty plays in poaching. And I am aware of folklore and the demand for animal parts. I didn’t want to go into those details here as they are complex issues that are both independent and interdependent. Given time, I may post on these issues after further research.


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