Discrimination: “Vegan” Style

Is this for real?


Where do I even begin? There is no shortage of stupidity with this whole thing. So much so that I don’t even want to embed the video in this post. So click the link and see for yourself.

I can only attempt to bring some order to this mess via an organized list.

  1. What omni would PAY to sit next to a vegan???
  2. What vegan wants to sit next to an omni? On purpose??
  3. Only vegans would want to sit next to vegans, thus missing the point of the stupid campaign in the first place.
  4. NEWSFLASH: Not all vegans are, as this article puts it,  “happy thin people”. I am a cranky fat chick, so anyone who paid to sit next to this vegan could sue American Airlines for false advertising. I am so SICK of vegan chefs, doctors, and nutritionist claiming, sometimes even promising (I’m looking at you Kathy Freston) that going vegan will make you thin. Sure you might lose weight if you cut out crappy processed food and start to eat healthy whole foods, but going vegan doesn’t guarantee it. Speaking for myself, being overweight was an issue for me during my omni years, and going vegan didn’t make it magically go away. My body is not meant to be “thin”. I’ve tried, I’ve done it, and I paid the consequences. Sure I can be healthier and lose some weight, but I won’t be “thin”.
  5. I am also sick of vegans in the spotlight (people and agencies) bashing overweight people. As if the rest of the media world isn’t already doing it. Do I really need to hear it from vegans?
  6. This quote: “A ‘Sit Next to a Vegan’ policy would be a boon to passengers concerned about their personal space,” Okay, YOU’RE IN A FUCKING AIRPLANE. Unless you’re flying first-class, you should not be expecting to have any personal space. You turned in you personal space when you checked your luggage. I mean really, who hasn’t sat next to any of the following: a crying child,  a sleeping person who leans up against you, a drunk, a chatter box, (need I go on?). Plus this reeks of “Ew, I don’t want to sit next to a fat person!” Way to go. I thought being vegan was about compassion, not about discrimination.
  7. “PCRM points out that vegans usually have lower body masses than the typical American adult, making them less intrusive neighbors.” You know what’s intrusive? People eating meat and animal secretions.
  8. “(But the committee missed the opportunity to point out how American could save fuel by having less heavily loaded airplanes.)” Just like this article missed the point on how this campaign is offensive as hell.

Oh wait, but it’s humane discrimination! Silly me.


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