Living a Lie

I wasn’t born vegan, or with super-human will-power. I’m not even an exceptionally nice person. Like everyone else, I was conditioned to believe the promises of convenience.

When the illusion of separation is lifted, it so easy to make the choices I do.

We all have choices to make, some consciously and some unconsciously, and our choices reveal what we value. However, sometimes what we choose and what we value don’t match up. In my experience, it’s the lie of separation that fosters this misalignment.

Earthlings is a documentary that I avoided for a long time, even when I was vegan. It is raw and real and makes no apologies. For many, it breaks the illusion of separation from life itself. If you have ever felt abandoned, hurt, neglected, exploited, denied, ignored, or discarded, it’s hard not to see those emotions and experiences in the lives this documentary spotlights.

You can see the trailer at:

or the complete film at:

The trailer is graphic (real and raw) but even if you close your eyes and listen to the narration, it is quite powerful.


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  1. Xiomara says:


    I nominated you for a Sunshine Award. 🙂

    Would love to read new posts

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