Favourite Songs: KIOS Blog-A-Thon, Day 16


Today’s KIOS Blog-A-Thon prompt is: Share with us some of your favourite songs!

The only way I can do this is by category. So here are a few categories to help determine some of my favorite songs.

  • This song. Oh my god. When I hear those first few notes of Linus and Lucy I react in the same way a dog must when he hears a can opener. My psychic ears perk up and I get excited and want to do a Snoopy dance.
  • The Clash deserve their own category. Hands down my favorite band ever. Janie Jones is one of my favorites. I see this video and am still in awe.
  • My favorite song to get grounded to. When I feel overwhelmed, this song is a mantra to me, ever reminding me that healing is always happening.
  • Love songs, oh my too many love songs to say I have one favorite, so here is one of many.
  • Favorite song of 2013 (Truth be told, I think I am only familiar with 3 songs that came out in 2013).
  • My favorite song to lip-synch to. You know the kind, stuck in traffic and no shame if the cutie next to you sees ya’ semi-belting it out. Any Ru song will do, but this one can take me over the top with arms swaying and hands posing.
  • Lastly, here’s my favorite Christmas song. I tear up everytime. EVERYTIME I tells ya’! My father grew up as a poor child and I heard so many stories of how he struggled. As a kid watching this, I imagined the boy in the story as my dad. He kinda looks Mexican right? Tissues please!


If you’d like to participate in this Blog-A-Thon, visit: http://kickinitoldskool.blogspot.com/2013/11/get-ready-to-ruuumbbbllleee.html


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