Holiday Traditions, KIOS Blog-A-Thon, Day 25


Today’s KIOS Blog-A-Thon prompt is: Let’s share a holiday tradition, memory or event!

Well my last post talked about my family’s Christmas tradition of making tamales, so I decided to ask myself what traditions I have since I don’t really celebrate the holidays with my family.

Every holiday is different for me, and truth be told, I don’t really “like” the holiday season as much as I did when I still lived at home. However in the last few years I have collected Snoopy ornaments and decided to buy a small Christmas tree to display the miniature “Winter Fun with Snoopy” series. So for me, this is my tradition. Here’s a few pics of the ornaments.

photo(14)This ornament was given to me this year by my boyfriend. I was so excited and surprised when he gave it to me. Just look at how cute this is! Little Snoopy and Woodstock catching snowflakes on their tongues.

photo(16)Here’s another one of Snoopy sending out a holiday card. I love the attention to detail in these.

photo(15)Here’s Snoopy making a snow angel. You can see a bit of the miniature nativity scene below.

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