What’s Wrong With Wanting More?

“What’s wrong with wanting more? If you can fly then soar! With all there is, why settle for just a piece of sky?”

Last Thursday night, at the Adventures in Living class at Inner Light Ministries​, Rev. D referenced the movie Yentl, and my heart cracked open as I circled back to a sweet place in time for me.

I was in my mid 20’s, my mother had just passed away, and I was in the throws of a restlessness to live my life fully. My boss, who was a mother figure to me (I lived out of state and away from family), mentioned the movie Yentl to me. As I watched it, I identified so strongly with this character who wanted more than her little town could giver her, and was willing to do anything for what she knew was hers, even at the cost of going against cultural norms.

When I heard “A Piece of Sky”, I felt it directly pierce into my heart and soul as it showed me a stronger part of myself I yet had words for. I didn’t know it then, but this song was showing me a place I would eventually land in. The truer part of myself. At the time, I believed this song wholeheartedly, but still had a significant amount of self doubt and shame that would keep me hacking through the unpaved journey of my life.

And now, here I was in my early 40’s in Rev. D’s class, hearing her refer to this film. She was asking the question of “How badly do you want it?” “It” being our highest aspiration for being in the Adventures in Living class. For myself, this translates into, my vision for my highest self.

“How badly do you want it?” she asked, and I remembered a time when I thought it was bad to want, selfish to want, greedy to want, sinful to want, unappreciative to want. Although I shook a lot of those beliefs off of me over time, I know there is enough of these beliefs in me that hold me back in these covert and sub/unconscious ways.

How badly do I want it? It being a connected, empowered, and joy filled life. I want it with all of the passion “A Piece of Sky” embodies. Although it took a while, I can now say that I fully feel “A Piece of Sky”, not as a future vision, but as a complete NOW. I feel this song in my bones and my heart expands.

So I share this song with you, in hopes that you have a dream and are confident in wanting more, and can ask yourself “How badly do you want it?”


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