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Vegan Freak. Nepantlera. Photographer. Flawless Fatty, Curious Cat

I’ve been vegan since August 2006 and it has made a profound impact on my life. I have met so many amazing people, learned so much about the world around me, and have learned a lot about myself.

I decided to start this blog as a way to explore and document my journey through this crazy place as a Chicana who just so happens to be Vegan, among other things.

Here you will find entries on veganism, chicanism@, body love, and anything else that seems to cross my curious cat path.


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  1. Ok so wow…
    I just read your most recent post.
    BRAVO! Welfarists piss me off, but even more, vegetarians are the poster children for hypocracy. Can they not see the conncetion between a hamburger and a glass of milk?
    *Adds to blogroll*

  2. Julia M. Pancake Rankin

    Are you the Martha who wrote about how meating animals translates into other cruelties on the On Point commentary January 14th? If so, I hope my defense of your ideas was welcomed and adequate. I became a vedge when I hooked up with my current partner about 7 years back. At this point I no longer miss meat or eggs and am trying to limit dairy. I can sit and eat with the meaties because I was raised to ignore boorish behavior and concentrate on the positive traits. It feels good to sail past the greasy window food at the sludge outlets. Feel free to respond at I live in NC. Where are you at, Honey?

  3. Hope to meet you at an upcoming Meetup!

  4. Thank you so much for the follow. Loving your blog!

  5. Holly Nanes

    My friend and I have begun our journey into vegetarianism and the winter season has approached and I just bought Vitamen C gummies and didn’t even think about the gelatin in them until after the buy. I also just bought some make-up that I didn’t even think about the cruelty free aspect! My Christmas wish envolves a pair of badass boots that are leather! I mean navigating this new life style is not just about the food its about how our lives and this world are so deeply intertwined and conditioned around the cruel treatment and death of animals lives! I am committed to a conscientious and cruelty free lifestyle but I am just beginning to scratch the surface.of how entrenched we are in it at the same time. I am beginning to feel the withdrawal and the horror of it all. Do you have any tips, websites of favorite reads that helped you on the transition?

    Thanks for listening, thanks for being Chicana, Sincerely,

    The Goal is Vegan.

    • First, congratulations on making the first steps towards a cruelty-free living! Yes, at first it can be tricky and feel daunting when we realize just how much cruelty is embedded in daily life. Everyone;s process was different. It took me a while to navigate what was vegan and what was not, but once you have a few things down, it gets much easier. There is so much info out there that it can also seem overwhelming, but on the pus side, there is are more vegan options than before. Okay, so for me “Breaking the Food Seduction” helped me to go from vegetarian to vegan. For recipes, VegWeb has good collection along with reviews and feedback. They also have a good Vegan 101 section. As for anything else like make-up, clothing, etc. I haven’t found one site (yet) that has a good selection, but if I Google “vegan _____” I can find a lot. Maybe one day I will write a post on my favorite sites. Thank for the comment and I hope this helps some. As with nay changes, be patient, and know it’s a process and gets so much easier with time.


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